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worky help, please? [17 Feb 2012|03:58pm]
We’re doing some preliminary work for a client, and we’ve got a quick survey to help with a spot of market research. It’s very short: three words and one picture to respond to.

If you’re based in the UK, and could spare the time, and I’d be very grateful if you could go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C5WDKL9

(That link can be spread far and wide. It will be open until Monday.)
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Leith Festival Art Expo [06 Jun 2011|07:40pm]
I have some pinhole work on show from 10 to 19 June, in a group show as part of Leith Festival:

Leith Festival Art Expo curated by Alastair Cook, with work from Deborah Parkin, Carl Radford, Katie Cooke, Emily Workman, Kim Conway, James Norton, Doug Roberston, David Martin, Barry Nicol, Jenny Pope, Alex Boyd, Andy Dockers, Chris Dobson, Alison Mcwhirter, Patricia Neimann and Rocio Jungenfeld.

You can see the exhibition at Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre, in Edinburgh.

This entry was originally posted at http://heyokish.dreamwidth.org/138117.html. Please comment here, or there, as you wish...
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irritated. grr. grr. grr. [15 Feb 2011|07:41pm]
I am absolutely plagued by people who share my name who don't know their own damn email address. I have had job interview notifications, tax returns, yoga appointments, hair appointments, wedding invitations, family photos, mobile phone bills on other continents, and other assorted really private things that I DO NOT WANT from at least three complete muppets who share my name and repeatedly give my email address rather than theirs.


How do I make it stop?
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[10 Feb 2011|10:27am]
Love and sympathy clearly work so many thanks for sending them. Snarl's stiff and bruised but in one piece with no signs of broken bits, and back to snarl-self.

Phew. Huge huge phew.
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[09 Feb 2011|08:03pm]
My poor snarl is currently bundled up on the sofa with blankets, tubigrip, ice, plasters, and his second mug of sweet tea.

On his way home this evening he was crossing the road and someone came round the corner too damn fast and hit him with their car. He broke their wing mirror with his face--which is scraped and bruised to hell on his cheekbone, and has skinned palms and a badly sprained wrist from hitting the ground. I think he'll have a black eye by morning. I think we got all the road dirt and grit out of his grazes.

The driver did stop, and gave him a lift home. But snarl didn't get her name or registration. My poor love was a shaky shock monster when he got home.

Nothing broken. Nothing too squished. A v lucky escape, I think, but poor bruised and scraped and shaken snarl.
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mountain climbing and stair climbing. not getting there yet. [27 Aug 2010|05:20pm]
So, following the accessibility fail of wednesday at Tiso

wednesday: Tweet a direct question to @tisoonline. Get no response.

Thursday: tweet a follow up question. Get no response. Start to gnash teeth. Write shockingly polite email to the address given on their website.

Friday: get no response, to tweets or emails. Go to Mountain Warehouse, spend money. They don't have most of the stuff I want. They suggest Tiso. I sigh. They say, "yes, they are very expensive". I sigh more deeply, because, no, it's not that and I would go there if I could. Come back and check their site. Oh, there's a shop in Central Edinburgh. Maybe I can go there on Saturday.

Friday afternoon: get sick of waiting for a response to tweets and email. Phone them up instead. No, what, huh? email? Gosh, sorry no one has got back to you, what was your mail about. I paraphrase the issue: five floors of lovely outdoor kit, four of those floors are completely inaccessible. and then it goes roughly like this:

What do you mean by inaccessible?
Stairs. No lift. You know, no access to people who can't climb up stairs.
Oh, well. Some buildings are very old.
Your store is big and modern inside and has a modern staircase. (Am tempted to start quoting from http://www.essentialliftservices.co.uk/dda.shtml at this point, which is a very useful summary of what is required.)
Oh, well, I really don't know.
I'll look into it.
Oh. Wait. Your Rose street shop...is that accessible?
It depends what you mean by accessible.
Does. it. have. a. lift?
[Checks]. No, that doesn't have a lift either.
Our other Glasgow store has a lift! And it's very accessible...by car! You can access it by car!

He's promised me an answer though "early next week" about why these shops are lacking lifts.

Edited to add...and here's the response already:

"We have as a matter of course reviewed all of our stores in terms of accessibility to ensure that we are compliant with and in line with current legislation where feasibly possible. This being said; a number of our older properties cannot be significantly altered due to their very nature and layout. This is unfortunately very much the case with regard to our Buchanan Street Store as the stairwell is not wide enough to accommodate a Stannah chairlift, nor can we install a lift as the premises we occupy are actually split over two separate buildings which do not overlap sufficiently to allow a lift shaft to be a viable option.

Whilst I can appreciate your frustration at the lack of access within the Buchanan Street Store, please be assured that as part of our new store roll out over the past 10 years we have ensured that all new openings offer proper access to all areas of the store. Stores such as [list of some of their other shops] all benefit from customer lifts or ramped access to ensure that they are accessible to all.

In those stores that cannot be altered due to either structural issues or prohibitive financial costs we have ensured that all staff are trained in the importance of ensuring that if a customer cannot get to a particular floor or area, the onus is on them to bring the stock to the customer whilst offering the same level of service and advice."

So. Might want to have a word with the staff then on that "same level of service and advice" part...
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seething [25 Aug 2010|08:03pm]
So, full of anticipation and bearing the 15% discount voucher, I trotted around the corner from work to Tiso to spend far too much money on lovely camping equipment. Five whole floors of stuff to poke and and deliberate over. Oh yes.


I wanted to see stuff on floors 2, 3, and 4. There's no lift. The staff helpfully informed me--without even a hint of an apology--that their other shop has a lift. Gosh. That's handy.

Are disabled people not allowed to buy camping gear?

Who is well-versed in the DDA and can help me quote the relevant chunks of the law at them to explain that their big damn shop is not exempt? They have so far failed to reply to a direct question on Twitter.

Am full of righteous indignation and need to put it to good use.

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[24 Aug 2010|10:39pm]
I have been working on my plans a little more for Our Grand Exciting Camping Adventure.

I shall pootle aimlessly. I would potter, but that involves sheds, and there are no sheds. I may possibly meander--there are burns and streams which make meandering a required activity. I might mooch around a little. I will certainly loll, if not lounge. Does lounging need furniture? Snarl will wander and quite possibly yomp, as there are hills and wide expanses of expansive countryside. He may poke things with sticks, and then bring the sticks back and call them firewood. Or indulge in some semi-random refashioning sticks with knives, probably to add pointyness to enable burning things over fires. See? It's all very specific. And rather splendid.*

Also, there will be cooking. Because there is FIRE.

I'm also pondering cameras, and relative suitability thereof.

*assuming it doesn't just piss down. In which case we will be obliged to lurk and grumble.
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[22 Aug 2010|03:12pm]
Oh Hurrah. I have a week of leave booked in a couple of weeks. Everything has been just too busy for months. So we're pushing off camping. Oh yes. Now, some of you may find it hard to imagine a wonky beast like myself camping, and it's true that it's been a while. So we are breaking ourselves back in gently--not straight off into the wilds but in a rather lovely looking site which seems to combine some of the benefits of wild camping (ah! space! pretty! fire! etc etc) with hot showers. And no bloody caravans. And there are places for me to lurk and lounge and loll while snarl goes yomping about.

I am of the firm belief that the anticipation of a holiday is at least half of the pleasure. So there are lists. Of course there are lists. And maps.
  • Tent--fine, not disintegrated with mildew or infested with beetles or anything horrid. All fine. I love this little tent. I can put it up solo, and it's light enough for me to carry in a pack. And it's kept me warm and dry in a force-lots and torrential downpour before. Yay for good tents. Course, you can't stand up in it, but you can do that outside, right?
  • Dorky torches--one has gone a-wandering. The other lives with my darkroom kit.
  • Thermarest--oh. there only seems to be one of these. Hrm.
  • Camping stove--insanely tiny and still working. Yay. Also, there WILL BE FIRE. Mmmm. Fire.

Can't bloody find the camping cookware though. Any of you lovely Edinburgers got camping pans and/or kettly thing we could borrow? And/or a spare sleeping mat? And/or a lantern?
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[21 Jul 2010|08:23pm]

Kitsune, originally uploaded by Wntrmute.

Edinburgh is full of rain. Rain. Darkness and rain. I'm home on the sofa, wrapped in blurriness. These past months I have been doing battle with insomnia. I have lost the release catch that lets me drop into sleep. My off switch is broken, and sleep comes and goes like a light in a thunderstorm. I'm building a mountainous sleep debt of three, four hours a night. The alarm goes off each morning at 6.30, and I catch myself on the edge of the sleep cliff at all the worst moments. I'm a zombie with a fragmented glass brain (the light bulb shattered, I think.) My memory is like raw egg whites. Sleeping pills didn't work. Today the doctor took one look at me and sternly sent me home to my bed, clutching a sick note. Given that I can't sleep at night, it's nice that I have permission to sleep all day. And I slept all day. And I'm still tired, and aching brained. And wondering if it's too early to go back to my bed.

If you've seen me lately, and I didn't make much sense, this is why.

(p.s. my cat, but not my picture. picture by the lovely Dr G.)

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[17 Jul 2010|05:57pm]
Hello. I need your time--or your suggestions of people who might be able to help me. I have been asked to make a picture that will be used as a book cover for a writer whose work I love (and I'm absolutely delighted about this.) But what I need is a man and a woman who are prepared to come round and spend at least a couple of sessions posing for me together. For pinhole, almost certainly. So it takes a bit of patience, I'm afraid, but, GLORY AND FAME AND BRAGGING RIGHTS WITH YOU ON A BOOK COVER. They (you?) would need to be willing to be rather close--embracing, certainly. Kissing, too, maybe? No nekkidness required.

Any volunteers? Or any ideas of who I could ask in Edinburgh?
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two times four [15 Jul 2010|08:44pm]
I have a four star review in the The List!

(for those dahn sarf, that's the Scottish equiv of Time Out)

and a four star review in The Scotsman!

so. well. gosh.
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and the show is open [04 Jul 2010|10:19am]

DSC_0239, originally uploaded by erindubitably.

That was lots of fun--if slightly terrifying.

Fumbled the start of my talk, but am told I made sense. Hopefully I didn't talk too much rot, then, or when being a little handwavy with interested strangers.

It was fantastic to share an afternoon with lovely people saying lovely things, while drinking copious amounts of prosecco.

To those who were there, thank you so much for coming along and being so amazingly supportive. And thanks for messages and exhibition pimpage.

Now, fingers crossed for a good review or two...and a rash of lttle red stickers.

I appear to have a fan page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Katie-Cooke/130915430273263 courtesy of the amazing lila

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[30 Jun 2010|06:57pm]
I think I am now officially old. I bought a thing that fixes on my glasses so they can hang on my neck. Yes, I have dangly bits coming down from the frames. This, combined with the demented peering over my specs that is required to see the person across the table while also being able to see my own handwriting...yeah. you get the picture.

ok, so it's black and beaded...wait, does that make it worse?
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Balancing Act, 3-31 July, Axolotl Gallery, Edinburgh [20 Jun 2010|12:17pm]

I have a exhibition opening on 3rd July, at Axolotl in Edinburgh. This is a show of sixteen (maybe seventeen, depending on how you count diptychs) of my long exposure self portrait pinhole photographs, mostly from the Balancing Act series that I made in 2006 and 2007.

There's no preview--the opening is informal, drifting across all of that first Saturday afternoon. If you're around, please do come and visit. Then, or later in the month.

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[29 Apr 2010|08:46pm]
off to London on the sleeper tonight. Adventure!

Look, see, the BBC is all excited about what we are doing on Saturday: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/photoblog/2010/04/remembering_frederick_scott_archer.html
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[20 Apr 2010|11:04pm]

Thank you for all the kind words and yaying.
Hugely appreciated.

in the mean time:

If you are in Edinburgh, might I suggest you pop into Beyond Words? Not seen the new pinhole show yet... http://www.beyondwords.co.uk/displaypage.aspx?p=./Static/exhibitions.html&t=Exhibitions

In London, May 1st to 22nd, Kensal Green, 20 wet plate artists in the show "In honour of Archer" at the Dissenters' Gallery http://www.studioq.com/blog/?p=1291

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good things are good, other things are interesting [14 Apr 2010|09:20pm]
These are some good things:

I have my train tickets, and will be in London for a couple of days at the end of the month, and am thrilled that I will make it to the ceremony where Frederick Scott Archer gets his headstone. 157 years late, but hey. http://archerceremony.eventbrite.com/

This means I get to see some favourite people, and meet some other wet plate collodionistas whose work amazes me (hi Alex!)

The show that goes with this has work from 22 artists--including me--all at a single flat price. All the money will go to the Archer fund. This may be the cheapest that some of this work will EVER be available, because, man, there will be some stunners in that show. Got 250 kicking around burning a hole in your pocketses?

I'm taking the sleeper train. Adventure! I may have some free time on Friday, if anyone fancies a gallery mooch about. (I'm thinking Tate Modern, so I can do some homework while I'm there.)

I'm currently talking to a gellery who are making interested noises about my work. HOLY CRAP EXCITING YES.

My tutorial on Saturday was such a complete and utter trainwreck, it was hilarious.

Spring! Blossom! Daffodils!
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[30 Mar 2010|09:56pm]
Got my essay back , the first from the new course. Remarkably useful feedback on it, and a reassuringly encouraging mark--just a sniff under an A--given that this is a whole new subject area.

The lecture went pretty well. I enjoyed it, the tutor was happy, no one in the group fell asleep. 100 image slides. Two fifty minute sessions. Man, can I talk when you get me onto a pet subject (a history of time in photography, pinhole photography--mine and other people's--and how to make better pictures by allowing yourself to play and screw up)

There is great delight in rereading the collected works of Jane Austen, after a twelve year gap, and even more delight in finding old letters from one's belioved tucked inside them.

Snow. wtf?

Have finally made a couple of long overdue prints, which will be matted, mounted, and posted to America at the weekend.
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help! [26 Mar 2010|03:03pm]
We're looking for some extra shiny HTML/CSS people for freelance projects at work. Pixel perfect layout, with beautiful happy compliant validating code stylee work. Glasgow or Edinburgh, ideally, but, distance ok. Interested, or can you recommend someone?
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